Clear Communication and Competency Definition

Strategies are plans for action and execution. They’re the foundation for employee goals, intended to cascade down and network throughout the organization, acting as a means of alignment between every employee’s efforts and the company’s mission and vision.

In reality, the desired impact of strategic alignment often goes unfulfilled. And without strategic alignment, companies have trouble motivating and empowering people to do their very best work. Questions arise such as, “What does this have to do with me?” or “Where are we going as a company and how can I make a difference?”

Many senior leadership teams take great efforts to define their organization’s purpose and vision for the future. They draft a strategic plan that outlines how to get from “here to there.” Even with a documented strategic plan:

  • Why do so many employees hunger to know how their specific job fits into the big picture?
  • Why do managers struggle to guide each team effort and individual action plan towards successful execution?

The answer to these questions is strategic alignment, and the missing links between strategy and execution are:

  • Clear communication of strategic mission, vision, values and the requirements for success.
  • Competency definition that explains how each person – in each job function and across all levels – can best contribute to the company’s success.

Whether your mission is to compete through innovation, sustain precious resources, or change the world…when you are crystal clear about what your mission really means, how you plan to accomplish it, and what human talent is required – your strategic plan becomes a living, breathing, motivating link in your chain of business pursuits.