Methods and Design

Unless you’re a “natural,” many activities in life require learning. If you’ve ever tried to play a sport, speak a foreign language, or use software to manage your budget – you’ll agree it’s not all that intuitive! “Soft” skills are even harder, especially in the workplace where people of differing styles and personalities strive towards common goals. Communicating with others, managing projects, delivering presentations, and managing conflict are just a few skills that can be learned and developed – if done “right.”

Learning and development methods within organizations can run the gamut from short online courses to longer, phased programs. Competent, creative, and contemporary learning design and development has significant business value when it is relevant, engaging, and “sticky.” This means that a fascinating, inspiring presentation moves from being an emotional experience to an executable skill.

The answer to these questions is creative learning design, and the missing links between run-of-the-mill training and high impact learning are:

Whether you are adding to your current portfolio of learning activities or re-inventing your organization’s approach to training and development, you will save money – and keep valued talent – by selecting providers who know what is “right” as well as how to make learning and development fun and rewarding.