Timeless Travels through Creative Learning Design

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Customers who invest in training and development solutions typically must justify their investment with associated performance changes. They want to know that the essential learning principles remain honored. These include:Bloom’s Taxonomy: The most holistic view of learning includes Affective (feeling), Cognitive (knowing), and Experiential (doing) domains. Learning programs may or may not include all three domains, but it’s good...

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Learning is Not Dead

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It’s been said that “information is power” and if that’s true, every company in the world must be a super-power! The Information Age is simply a norm these days, and there’s no limit to information on the net and in the cloud. But we must make sense of it all. “Big Data” is just one effort to deal with the colossal overload of information in (and between and around) our workplaces. The intention is to...

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