Strategic Alignment: Competencies

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Competencies: What’s the Question You are Asking?How do you determine the desired competencies for your leaders (or any other role for that matter)?Are you picking from a list or collection made up by someone else? That’s OK, but you might be missing out on an opportunity to make competencies meaningful and practiced.Are you asking these questions: • “What competencies are required for success in a leadership role?”...

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Organizational Assessment

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You Don’t Have to be a Psychometrician, but…If you are using or plan to use an individual or organizational assessment, you must be assessment-savvy!Assessment is increasingly used to hire the right person, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and offer 360-degree feedback. There are countless types of assessment instruments that provide feedback on individual and group competencies, behaviors, personalities, and styles. Some even dig deeper to...

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How Do We Create Change in Our Lives?

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We’ve all thought at one time or another that we need or want to improve an aspect of our professional performance. It could be anything from engaging more effectively with our employees, working with difficult people, or staying focused on our priorities. Some people attend workshops or read books to learn how to develop skills in these less-developed areas. While these can be very helpful, they don’t always result in the sense of...

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Timeless Travels through Creative Learning Design

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Customers who invest in training and development solutions typically must justify their investment with associated performance changes. They want to know that the essential learning principles remain honored. These include:Bloom’s Taxonomy: The most holistic view of learning includes Affective (feeling), Cognitive (knowing), and Experiential (doing) domains. Learning programs may or may not include all three domains, but it’s good...

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